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"The king Of Hardcore Wrestling"

Of all the wrestlers to ever step into a wrestling ring Cactus Jack is the hardest worker of them all...threw his intire career he has put his body threw the most unbeliavable matches and has shown that he is able to take more punishment then any wrestler in the history of the sport, he has wrestled in every kind of match from barbed wire matches to flaming barbed wire ring rope death matches, he has done it all and seen it all, traveling around the of his biggest career highlights was in the "IWA King Of The Death Match Tournement" wich took place in Japan, after battling in several grueling death matches with diffrent weapons and several violent elements, Cactus made it to the finals were he fought another hardcore legend..his idol Terry Funk, Cactus won the match and beat his idol to become the first, and last King Of The Death Match Champion..besides this title Cactus has held titles all over the globe, wrestling in many independent federations..many people wonder how Cactus Jack lost his ear...and the man that owns the bragging rite for taking that from Cactus..was Big Van Vader, during a match in Germany Cactus got his head caught in one of the turnbuckles and when his head finaly got loose the tention caused Cactus's ear to deatach...Cactus had the option of getting his ear sewed back on but he desided to keep fighting..Vader won the match and Cactus was left without an ear. After wrestling threw many promotions Cactus finnaly made it to the World Wrestling Federation were he entered under a different name..the deranged Mankind, were he had a grueling fued against the Undertaker, he holds more victories over the Undertaker than any other athlete..Cactus Jack is the King Of Hardcore wrestling and he always will be, and as long as he's got a body part that still works, you can be sure that this madman will keep fighting and keep being hardcore...Bang! Bang!


Current And Former Names: Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude love, Jack Foley, Jack Manson, Cactus Jack Manson
Real Name: Mick Foley
Height: 6"4
From: Truth Or Consaquences, New Mexico
Birthdate:May 14, 1965
Birth Place: Bloomington, Indiana
Pro Debute: June 24, 1984
Finisher: Double Arm DDT, Mandable Claw

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